What is the ADP Workforce Vitality Report?

The ADP® Workforce Vitality Report is a comprehensive, monthly measure of U.S. workforce dynamics (published quarterly) that looks at key labor market indicators, such as employment growth, job turnover, wage growth and hours worked. The report is produced and published by the ADP Research Institute®.

Why is ADP issuing the report?

ADP is dedicated to providing the deepest insights to help employers make informed business decisions. As part of this effort, ADP has developed the report to measure a broad range of U.S. labor market data on a monthly basis in the largest U.S. states. The report is designed to provide employers with profound insights into the overall health and direction of the U.S. labor market. This research enables ADP to highlight important Human Capital Management trends and developments within the U.S. workforce based on actual, aggregated, anonymous data.

What types of insight does the report provide?

The report provides a variety of distinct insights into the American labor market. These include, but are not limited to, total employment growth, change in the hours worked by current job holders, wage level and growth, wage fluctuations for those who change jobs, the job switching rate, and the overall job turnover rate. These key labor market indicators will enable ADP to make compelling comparisons in the ADP Workforce Vitality Report and help identify “winners” and “losers” in the U.S. labor market.

What is the format of the report?

Each quarter, the report combines key labor market indicators, including employment growth, job turnover, wage growth, wage level and hours worked. While the report is published quarterly, metrics in the report are produced at a monthly frequency. The report enables ADP to track whether the U.S. workforce is moving in a positive or negative direction in ten industries, four major regions, the 10 largest states, and across a host of other important dimensions.

What is the methodology behind the report?

To learn more about the methodology, go to https://www.adp.com/workforcereport to view and/or download the methodology white paper.

What is the source data for the report?

Based on actual anonymous and aggregated data derived from about 250,000 U.S. companies and approximately 18 million private-sector U.S. workers, the report provides an unprecedented level of in-depth monthly analysis of the American labor market.

How does ADP safeguard employee data?

Data analyzed in the ADP Workforce Vitality Report are both aggregated and anonymous. At ADP, there is no higher priority than the privacy and security of client data. By embedding multiple layers of protection into its products and business processes as well as infrastructure, ADP has ensured that security remains an integral part of its business operations.

How does it specifically differ from the ADP National Employment Report®?

The ADP Workforce Vitality Report is designed to be a natural extension of both the monthly ADP National Employment Report® and ADP Regional Employment Report®. While these studies report on monthly employment changes, the workforce report covers a deeper and broader array of underlying labor market dynamics, such as wage growth, wage level, job-switching rate, turnover rate, hours worked, demographics (such as age and gender), tenure, and full-time/part-time employment.

While the ADP National Employment Report looks at employment changes across ten industries, the ADP Workforce Vitality Report takes a deeper dive into monthly private-sector employment and wage data looking at ten industries across four regions and in the 10 largest states. It provides insights for leaders in both the public and private sectors around issues in Human Capital Management, employment trends, and workforce strategy by analyzing and benchmarking its unique client data set.

How does the report differ from other existing U.S. labor market reports and indices?

The ADP Workforce Vitality Report is based on actual data. It measures different combinations of key dimensions of the U.S. workforce including geography, industry, firm size, wage level, gender, age, and job tenure. No other existing reports provide as much detail and as many metrics on the state of the U.S. workforce.

In addition, the report captures information on job switchers (people who change jobs) and job holders (people who stay in the same job). It provides compelling insights into how the U.S. labor market is performing as a whole, as well as illuminates specific trends impacting different segments of the workforce.

Are historical results available for the report?

Historical results for the ADP Workforce Vitality Report are available from Q3 2014 on https://www.adp.com/workforcereport/ on an ongoing basis.